Our Approach

SustainEarth uses innovative Biogas technology to provide affordable, clean cooking gas to rural communities.  By rebranding the now-notorious Biogas product as Gau Gas and implementing new materials, new processes, and new technology SustainEarth solves the problems faced by the last generation of Biogas users and change the perception about the usefulness of Biogas.  

Our Technology 

Through intensive R&D, we’ve built robust Biogas technology by improving upon the less-than-satisfactory aspects that turned many people away from it.  Through a User Centric Design approach, we've solved the primitive hurdles to adoption and usage of Biogas. 

Gau Gas systems are easier to install, more reliable, easier to maintain. We use Internet and Mobile connectivity to keep track of the performance of our systems. We’ve established an efficient support system to ensure that all of our units are functioning at their best. If not, we fix them! 

With this reliable, simple and effective technology, we intend to revitalize the rural energy sector in India.