The problem

Nine out of every 10 households in rural India rely on firewood and other biomass for cooking. In total, around 144 Million households do not have access to clean cooking fuel in India. For their cooking, people use firewood, crop residue and dung cakes, which emit hazardous smoke. This alone results in about 1 Million deaths annually. Apart from being a major health hazard, these fuels leads to widespread deforestation and environmental damage via emission of greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, LPG gas provided by Govt agencies is yet to reach widespread penetration in rural areas and is expensive for most of the rural population.


The hope

In this scene of despair, there is a ray of hope. Around 80 million families in rural India own cattle and at least 40 million families have sufficient space and animal manure to generate Bio gas as an affordable solution for their cooking needs. All that they need is a reliable, safe and affordable system to generate Biogas. 

But this is NOT a new discovery. The Government of India has implemented rigorous Biogas programmes over the last 30 years. However, they have achieved limited impact due to limited awareness of the end user, no after-sales support, and difficulties in repair and maintenance of Biogas plants.


The opportunity

With a track record of technical and market failures, biogas is waiting to be re-imagined. Apart from offering superior technology which is cost effective, there is a need to provide reliable support and service on the ground. Via effective real-time engagement with customers via ICT, the barriers to adoption and maintenance of biogas can be removed. This could help achieve a hassle-free experience for the rural user, and set the way forward for clean energy proliferation in rural areas.


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Our role

SustainEarth Energy aims to provide reliable, safe and affordable Biogas systems for rural household to become self-dependent for their cooking needs. Coupled with innovative Enterprise models, we aim to drastically remove the barriers to its adoption and improve access to clean and sustainable Bio-Energy.We dream of a rural landscape where women can cook in smokeless, pollution free and hassle-free conditions.


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